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Two non-executive directors sought

Deadline: 9 June Contact: Numbers for Good is a social investment business that designs financial solutions for organisations tackling social and environmental challenges. Numbers for Good was founded in 2012 by Bertrand Beghin and Dominic Llewellyn and is a BCorp. The company’s vision is for global financial markets to serve people and planet, and our […]

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24 May: Financing social enterprise innovation in public services

How the can the boundaries of social investment be pushed so that it is a tool that genuinely supports and enables social enterprises to drives their social mission – not hold it back? Numbers for Good have partnered with the E3M network and Bates Wells Braithwaite to answer this question. Taking place on 24 May […]

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Join Numbers for Good!

Would you like to join a fast growing organisation working to create financial solutions that allow organisations to fund social and environmental projects and connect investors with opportunities for sustainable financial and social returns? If so, we’re looking for an amazing Investment Associate.  You will provide advisory support to a range of clients including social enterprises, charities […]

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Anatomy of a deal: the five core principles of a successful social investment

Social investment is an alluring concept but difficult to do in practice. So what are the key factors that social enterprises and charities need to have in place to secure an investment? On 23 November, Numbers for Good brought together three social enterprises and three investors who had successfully completed worked on three very different […]

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Better together: giving and investing in social causes is best done together

In his ground-breaking book, Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari argues we are all herd animals. We thrive when we’re surrounded by trusted allies who care about the same stuff. Common purpose creates a sense of safety. This hasn’t change with modern sapiens. Yes, we have technology, more information and longer lives – but our behaviour today […]

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