Exploring & preparing for social investment


Social investment is a powerful tool to help social enterprises and charities grow and achieve their social purpose. Like any step into the unknown however, it can be daunting and it may require organisations to adopt new ways of working and a new mind-set.

For organisations considering social investment but who are unsure how to unlock it’s potential, we can help.

As a provider for Big Lottery Fund’s Big Potential Breakthrough, we help social enterprises and charities with investment needs up to £500,000 think through whether social investment is a suitable tool for them (see our ‘Raising Capital‘ section for how we can help with raises of above £500,000).  In exploring this topic with our clients, we bring our highly collaborative approach, finance and business skills and extensive experience of social enterprise and investment. While our work is always tailored to the individual organisation, knowledge transfer and capacity building are common goals in all our projects, which typically cover:

  • Reviewing and stress-testing the business plan
    • Particular attention to market and pricing assumptions
    • Identifying key risks
  • Building a financial model and forecasts, including scenario analysis and assessment of funding needs
  • Evaluating social investment alternatives and developing a funding plan
  • Workshops on social investment
  • Workshops on financial modelling, communications and other business management topics

For those organisations which decide social investment is right for them, our team  provides support at all stages of the journey to completing a successful fundraising:

  • Refining the business and financing plan for investor presentations
  • Identifying and establishing a dialogue with potential investors
  • Negotiating investment terms and updating financial model as necessary
  • Coordinating legal and other specialised advice required to finalise documentation and fund transfers

Email denise@numbersforgood.com to discuss how we can help you.

In Focus: Groundswell

Groundswell enables homeless people to take control of their lives, have greater influence on services, and play a full role in society. Using a Big Potential Breakthrough grant, Numbers for Good worked with their senior management team to help consider whether social investment was a tool they could use to help them grow.

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