Bridges Fund Management

We operate on the boundaries between the private, charity and social enterprise sectors. This is a privileged and exciting position; we work with a diverse array of organisations coming in all shapes and sizes, with different business models operating in a range of sectors. No one social enterprise or charity is the same and this part of the joy of our work.

The diversity of the social enterprise and charity sector means there is no one-size-fits-all approach to social investment. On our journey to ensure more money flows to organisations making a positive difference to society, we have cultivated a diverse network of socially-motivated investors, thus allowing us to match socially-focused organisations with investors most aligned with their objectives.

Our investor network comprises of institutional funds, corporates, housing associations and high net worth individuals, and each investor has different expectations and goals across risk, form of investment, sector, social impact and financial return. The one constant throughout is our goal to build relationships with trust at their heart. One such investor where we believe we’ve built this relationship is Bridges Fund Management. A specialist fund manager dedicated to sustainable and impact investment, Bridges has invested in two social impact bonds which we have advised on.

Andrew Levitt, Partner, Bridges Fund Management said:

“The main factor that contributed to us working with Numbers for Good was that they brought good deals to us. What has cemented the relationship is the honesty and integrity of the team. They’re very open; if there is a problem we talk about it and the interaction is always good. More intermediaries like Numbers for Good are needed.”

Whether you’re an investor seeking to invest socially, or an organisation seeking to attract social impact investment contact to find out how we can help you.