Family Links

Research shows unmet emotional and mental health needs can have undesirable effects in people’s lives, especially at earlier stages. Family Links promotes positive social and emotional wellbeing through high-quality training on essential skills for sustainable, resilient, and healthy lives and relationships. This includes delivering research-based training across schools and workplaces to ensure every child achieves their potential.

Family Links wished to explore the potential for social investment to scale an online platform providing best practice, tools and advice for practitioners of their model of family support.

To ascertain the appropriateness of social investment, Numbers for Good delivered a short-term consultancy project, funded by Big Potential Breakthrough. This included market analysis, business planning and review of financial instruments to scale the service. Numbers for Good worked with Gina Hocking, COO through the duration of the project, who was highly satisfied with the outputs provided. Gina said:

“The relationship with the Numbers for Good team went very well. The team immersed themselves in our sector, listened and responded to our input and were quickly able to provide actionable insights to our core business strategy. Family Links has received consultancy from a major management consultancy firm in the past; we found the Numbers for Good team engaged more quickly and effectively with the issues and so were able to be much more useful and meaningful to us .”

After analysing the prevailing market and Family Links’ competitive position it was decided that taking on social investment to scale an online impact reporting platform was not a priority. Numbers for Good therefore worked closely with Family Links and their stakeholders to identify a range of strategic options that could better support sustainable growth.