Fusion Housing

Fusion Housing is a non-profit making charity working to help individuals in Kirklees who are experiencing housing related problems and need support with learning and employment.

In the last three years they have successfully helped many long-term unemployed and homeless young people find work, training and secure places to live.

Recognising that this high success rate could be compatible to an outcomes-based commissioning model, Fusion approached us for help developing a social impact bond (SIB). Together we built a model that could help 261 vulnerable people find a safe place to live and work. We provided extensive ‘investment readiness’ support including:

  • Reviewing and developing the business and financial models
  • Strategic and technical guidance on how to transition to a PBR contract
  • Raising investment for the SIB and providing introductions to key investors
  • Ongoing performance management of the SIB

Together we secured an investment of £840,000 from Bridges Ventures and Key Fund and the contract is now in place and operational. Helen Minett, director of Fusion said:

“I have been impressed with the quality of support and guidance we’ve received from Numbers for Good particularly in relation to our understanding of social investment. I am pleased and appreciate the performance management approach they take which is about pooling knowledge and experience and exploring lessons learnt. We would definitely work with Numbers for Good again.”