HeLP Diabetes

3.2m people in the UK have diabetes, costing £10bn to the NHS – a staggering 10% of the NHS annual budget. The number of cases of diabetes is predicted to rise sharply to five million by 2025 leading to a further increase of cost of £17bn. In many cases treatment is provided to patients with complications that could have been avoided. Could technology play a role in improving how those suffering from diabetes manage their symptoms, thereby reducing costs to an already stretched NHS?

That’s the premise of HeLP Diabetes, a digital self-management programme that empowers those with type-2 diabetes to better manage their condition, thereby reducing the need for costly healthcare treatments resulting from diabetic complications.

HeLP Diabetes joined the first cohort of our accelerator the Health Social Innovators and we have worked with the team ever since. As a health professional-led organisation, HeLP Diabetes is developing a strong evidence-base for their intervention, with results from a randomised control trial due to be published in early 2016. Numbers for Good, through its accelerator programme (HSI) has sought to build the commercial strength of the organisation, working with HeLP Diabetes to increase their market knowledge and pricing strategy. Orla O’Donnell, a project manager at HeLP Diabetes said:

“The HSI accelerator was an invaluable experience for HeLP Diabetes. It connected us to an influential and diverse network, the speakers were excellent and we received fantastic technical support. The work that Numbers for Good completed on our financial modelling and pricing structure has been particularly useful. I’d highly recommend the accelerator.”

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