Big money: do we lack the motivation or the capital to solve society’s problems?

The words social investment illicit excitement from many of us who see the powerful potential of bringing together the best of business with the social sector, but it is not without its critics.

Even those who know it well have questions around its effectiveness, accessibility and scale bringing us to the questions: are we doing enough and how can we do better? How can charities in the UK get on the road to take on social investment? How can investors better understand outcomes? Is there enough money available to solve intractable and complex social problems, or do we simply lack the stomach for risk?

On 10 November Dominic Llewellyn, CEO and Co-Founder of Numbers for Good will share his insights on the rapidly evolving relationship between the worlds of finance and social impact and challenge us to imagine what more could be done in this booming but contentious sector.

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The event is organised in partnership with BeyondMe – a growing movement in which professionals, businesses and charities join together to make a meaningful impact on the world beyond them. They work to empower business professionals, at the start of their careers, to support causes they care about. Find out more.

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