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A helping hand to secure investment

Social investment can play an important role in the growth and sustainability of social enterprises and charities, but it’s not always plain sailing to secure a deal. Matt Black sets out some of the challenges and explains how advisers can help social organisations to secure investment on their terms. While the idea of social entrepreneurship […]

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The (un)mysterious art of financial forecasting

Mystified by financial modelling? Investment Associate Caroline Hickson explains why you shouldn’t be. On my CV, it says I was previously a financial analyst at a large investment bank. However, I prefer to say that actually I was something of a fortune teller. Men and women (well, mainly men – gender equality was somewhat lacking) […]

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How can you translate your vision into an investable proposition?

How do you go about exciting social investors with your investment idea? Having clear aims and a social impact are a must, as is a strong financial case, explains investment manager Sarah Chu. Start by writing down exactly what your social enterprise wants to achieve. Think it’s crystal clear? Try and explain it to someone […]

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Theory of change: eight common mistakes

What is a ‘theory of change’? Why have they become so popular and how can charities and social enterprises avoid some of the common pitfalls when creating one? We asked impact experts The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP) for the answers. Here is what the TSIP team had to say. Theories of Change (TOC) are becoming par for […]

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France: the country with one million social investors

In the global landscape of social investment, the UK thinks of itself as a world leader and one could wonder if France even appears on the map. It does. France’s social investment marketplace  is growing and, while looking to London for inspiration, the French are building on their own philosophical and political history to develop a […]

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