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Bridging the rhetoric and reality divide in social investment

As Numbers for Good closes its first round of investment, co-founder Dominic Llewellyn reflects on the journey of the organisation so far and how it is seeking to help more organisations take advantage of social investment. Three years ago I met a Belgian banker with a social soul. In a bar at St Pancras Station we […]

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Investment readiness: one-size-doesn’t-fit-all

It’s a term used often in the social investment sphere, but what does investment readiness really mean? Sarah Chu, investment associate at Numbers for Good decodes the jargon and offers helpful tips and advice for enterprises considering taking on social investment. Investment ready. A seemingly innocuous pair of words that have taken on great weight […]

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What is the secret of the social investment illuminati?

It seems that social investors are human – even those who used to work for vampires. Matt Black, Head of Community at Numbers for Good, offers some straight talking advice on how to approach these strange creatures For the uninitiated, social investment is bewildering. Awash with jargon, confusing acronyms, complicated financial structures and interminable terminology, […]

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“The key to medical design is to design for everybody”

Following Path’s successful appearance at the Health Social Innovators (HSI) Challenge Day on 25 June, we caught up with the inventor of the product, Lise Pape, to find out about her journey from investment banker to health-tech entrepreneur, the biggest challenges in healthcare today, and some of the advantages of living in the more insalubrious areas of […]

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