Mayday Trust to deliver first locally-commissioned homelessness SIB

Mayday Trust is delivering a new three-year programme, ‘Be the Change’, which aims to address youth homelessness in Northamptonshire, thanks to a pioneering outcomes-based collaboration between the social sector, local government and social investors, developed with the support of Numbers for Good.

‘Be the Change’ works with young people going through particularly difficult times in their lives, who are not in employment, education or training and are also experiencing homelessness.

Previously, homelessness social impact bonds (SIBs) have only been commissioned centrally through the Department of Local Government (DCLG). ‘Be the Change’ demonstrates the viability of SIB models at a local level, with Numbers for Good playing a key role in supporting First for Wellbeing CIC, the commissioning authority, understand SIBs and shift to an outcomes-focused approach.

Mayday provides their Personal Transitions Services (“PTS”) which is a radical, highly personalised and ‘asset-based’ approach that focuses on identifying people’s strengths and offers personalised coaching support so that young people can lead their progress, achieve their aspirations and transition out of their tough times with dignity and respect.

Unlike many homelessness programmes, it uses regular community based housing rather than hostels or supported accommodation, in the belief that this helps young people to live more independently, build new support networks and break the cycle of dependency.

The programme has been commissioned by First for Wellbeing CIC, a pioneering social enterprise set up as a partnership between Northamptonshire County Council, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Northampton. Bridges Fund Management, a specialist social investor, will provide up-front funding and ongoing support.

Numbers for Good has partnered with Mayday Trust for the past two years to help design the model and raise investment, as well as worked with First for Wellbeing to improve their understanding of social impact bonds. Our work supported by Big Lottery Fund‘s ‘Commissioning Better Outcomes‘ Fund and which contributed to the outcome-payments.

In response to our work, Pat McArdle, Chief Executive of Mayday Trust, said:

“Numbers for Good played a really significant role in preparing Mayday for social investment. Their expertise and willingness to go the extra mile, undoubtedly helped us to achieve our first SIB [Social Impact Bond].”

Numbers for Good’s CEO Dominic Llewellyn praised Mayday Trust for their approach:

“Mayday Trust is a rare diamond. Few organisations work with the commitment, creativity and belief in the potential of people abandoned and let down by society as they do. It’s been a delight working with the team, and we’re very happy that the social impact bond has commenced; we hope that the project will now be replicated around the country.”

Lastly, Adam Kybird, Investment Manager at Bridges Fund Management complimented the potential of ‘Be the Change’ and Mayday Trust’s partnership with Numbers for Good:

“’Be the Change’ is an exciting development for social impact bonds in the UK – the first homelessness outcomes contract majority-funded by a local commissioner – and it could not have happened without the vital analysis and support Numbers for Good has given Mayday over the past two years.

We are delighted to be backing Mayday to deliver the programme: we believe there’s huge potential to deliver serious impact for the target cohort and, in partnership with local commissioners, to demonstrate the broader benefits to society of a programme like this.”

Numbers for Good is proud of its work with Mayday Trust. We look forward to continuing leveraging our expertise to help organisations such as Mayday Trust achieve their goals.


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